Leave your worries and earn on inventories

Leave your worries and earn on inventories

Rising inventory can become a source of worry for any manufacturing company. One of the challenges of rising inventory is the unpredictable nature of it. Sometimes, inventory rises due to a suddenly cancelled order. It can also rise when there is an unexpected downturn in the industry due to industrial slowdowns. Since 2020 especially, Covid-19 outbreak and the consequent lockdowns imposed by central and state governments led to a sudden rise of inventory in many companies.

Once inventory rises, it becomes a challenge to prevent its wear and tear due to issues like rusting etc. Taking care of inventory becomes a job in itself and consumes valuable resources for an organization. As we have observed over the last year or longer, companies can rarely predict a sudden rise in inventory. It can become extremely challenging in the face of black swan events like outbreak of Covid-19 to predictably control inventory. Evolving government policies, changing sentiments of buyers can also have a sudden negative impact on inventory. It is also every company’s responsibility towards the environment and nature to ensure that large amounts of material are not dumped or turned into scrap.

So, what is the way forward? How can companies tackle this challenge? The right way to take care of inventory and avoid any surprises is to make sure that inventory is managed as a continuous process. It should be tracked continuously and not when faced with a sudden rise. At the same time, companies should ensure that minimum resources and time is spent on taking care of inventory.

How does one manage this double-edged sword? It is actually very simple. The people at Ekam Invento have already studied the issue of inventory piling up in detail and have come up with a powerful platform. All you have to do is register your inventory on Ekam’s platform and you will find many buyers who are looking for good quality material. This ensures that you avoid sudden inventory pile-up and gives you a fair price for inventory. As a buyer too, it is an opportunity for you to get good quality material at reasonable prices.

Why to carry the headache of inventory management when you can simply register it on Ekam Invento’s platform and sell it off fast? Register today itself.

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